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How State of the Art Devices can Help with Advanced Macular Degeneration

In this December edition of the Healthy Eyes Report, Dr. Buensuceso discusses cutting-edge devices that can help maximize vision for those with advance macular degeneration. There are many devices that you can add to your holiday wish list in addition to vitamin supplements that are beneficial in managing your AMD.

Bring the tropics to your next holiday party with these tasty pineapple recipes. Pineapples are packed with beta-carotene and lots of vitamins. We hope you enjoy these yummy pineapple recipes – Hawaiian Chicken Skewers and Brazilian Grilled Pineapple – that are sure to take the winter chill away AND can benefit your eye health.

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In This Issue

  • FROM THE DOCTOR: How State of the Art Devices can Help with Advanced Macular Degeneration
  • NUTRITION: How Pineapples can Help with Macular Degeneration
From the Doctor - Dr. Eric Buensuceso O.D.

How State of the Art Devices Can Help with Advanced Macular Degeneration

Happy Holidays! In this month’s e-newsletter, we will be delving into some of the cutting edge devices that help make the most out of your vision if you have AMD.

All the devices that I will talk about are readily accessible and maximize your vision in order for you to get the most usable view you can get.

First, let’s talk about Closed Circuit Television Video Magnifiers (CCTV’s) which are the most common way a person with impaired vision can see the printed word. They magnify the texts and/or pictures as big as you want them so that they’re readable and as clear as possible. Most models can be fitted with High Definition cameras for added clarity and can see near or far. Video Magnifiers can come in a desktop models or Handheld option for increased convenience and portability. Either way, you can’t go wrong with using these helpful devices and they are manufactured from different companies like DaVinci, Ruby XL HD or Merlin Elite.

Second is text-to-speech OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which lets you scan text and read it on the go. The system involves a camera that connects to your computer and scans your printed text and reads it out loud to you. When you scan what you want to read, you can have it said back to you with a human sounding voice. Most have settings to control the voice and how fast it will read the text back to you. Pearl and OpenBook are the leading manufacturers of this device, and it’s worth a look at if you prefer listening to your text rather than read it.

Third on the list are wearable devices that are head mounted, hands free, and operates like a CCTV video magnifier or a text to speech device. They often look like big eyeglasses but are light and portable enough to wear all day without fatigue. They have the ability to magnify both long and short distances and can also expand your field of view. Some manufacturers are NuEyes, Jordy or Patriot Viewpoint.

The desktop CCTV’s cost around $3000 – $4000. The higher end CCTV’s also has text-to-speech capabilities with all the bells and whistles. The hand held, portable versions are more affordable at $300 – $1000. If you want only text-to-speech, it will cost around $1500. The wearable devices are a bit pricier since they are newer technology and are more portable. They cost around $3000 – $4000.

As you can see, there are quite a few options you can choose from when it comes to maximizing your vision through the use of highly specialized optical devices. It might be helpful to add that you can use these devices in conjunction with vitamin supplements as a one-two-punch when it comes to managing your AMD.

In next month’s issue, we’ll be talking about ways to live with AMD that are low cost, practical and easy-to-do. And, you can implement them immediately so that you can navigate through your life easier and safer. This is a must read for anyone that suffers from AMD that wants to raise their quality of life without any real cost to them. Stay tuned!

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Besides tasting great, pineapples can actually help fight AMD. This tropical fruit is packed with beta-carotene, and vitamins A, and C, which can be beneficial in slowing the progression of AMD.

Pineapples are very versatile and can be eaten alone or as a condiment to chicken, meat, or fish. The possibilities are endless and so are the ways you can use this fruit to benefit your health.