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Cheap, Fun and Practical Ways to See Better Even with AMD

In this January edition of the Healthy Eyes Report, Dr. Buensuceso discusses Cheap, Fun and Practical Ways to See Better – even with AMD. These include simple remedies such as how contrasting color can help you distinguish things better. Also, how using larger print and adjusting the lighting can also help manage your AMD.

Many of you made new year resolutions to exercise more. We share how using a treadmill can help you improve both your fitness levels and reduce impacts of macular degeneration. You will definitely enjoy this informative issue that will sure to help you start your new year off right.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Healthy Eyes Report. If you have any questions about this or past issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Cu*************@Ma********.com.


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In This Issue

  • FROM THE DOCTOR: Cheap, Fun and Practical Ways to See Better Even with AMD
  • FITNESS: Why a Treadmill Helps with Macular Degeneration
From the Doctor - Dr. Eric Buensuceso O.D.

Cheap, Fun and Practical Way to See Better Even with AMD

Hello Everyone! It’s the beginning of a new year and one new year’s resolution I have is helping as many people as possible with AMD raise the quality of their lives so that they can better cope with the challenges of getting around.

In this month’s e-newsletter, we’ll be talking about several ways to make daily life easier despite having AMD. These include maximizing the contrast of household items, buying household items and medicines with large print, and using better lighting to get around your house with confidence.

Contrast is important

As your AMD progresses, it affects your ability to see color and contrast so two objects may blend together if their colors are similar. Making objects stand out by contrasting their colors is essential so that you can distinguish them easily.

Examples of this include a black coffee mug against a white countertop, white plates on a dark placemat, using a white cutting board when preparing broccoli or other dark-colored vegetables, and drinking milk from a black glass. These items are easy to get in different colors and patterns, so make it a point to look for these in your favorite stores.

Large print makes getting around easier

With AMD, blurred vision and loss of central vision can interfere with day to day activities such as reading your medicine bottle, getting the right amount of toothpaste, or knowing whether you’re reaching for the shampoo or the conditioner.

Many companies now offer bold print or enlarged print measuring cups, large print checks and check registers, and large number calculators. Also, pharmacies can offer large print medicine labels at no extra cost. So, the next time you’re at your pharmacy or department store, ask for large prints medicine bottles, and for the large print section for common goods and household items.

Lighting is king

In the winter months, we’re in the longest hours of darkness and the one thing most people with AMD complain about is that is never have enough light. It’s harder to get around your house or apartment with dark or dimly lit closets, cupboards and hallways.

Portable and battery powered lighting is cheaper than ever so the use of motion sensing lights, battery powered closet lights headband lights, and swing arm task lights make it easier to navigate around the place where you live easier and much cheaper. You can find very cheap lights in places like Walmart, Target and other major department stores.

In the next e-newsletter, we’ll be talking about some of the ways you can navigate better outside of where you live along with tips on how to do that safely and practically. So, if you’ve ever had questions or fears of how to get around your town or city while living with AMD, you can’t miss the next newsletter.

Fitness banner, with older people exercising with swimming, situps, and walking

Everyone knows the value of exercise in daily life and the many benefits you could enjoy–but did you also know that it helps with AMD?

Two of the things that spurs on AMD are a problem with the supply of oxygen rich blood to the macula, as well as a problem with flushing out waste that builds up in the macula. The macula is literally starved of oxygen and strangled by waste buildup which contributes to disease progression.

Cardiovascular exercise such as walking can increase blood flow to the heart and lungs and help feed the macula what it needs. For those who find it hard to go outside because of weather, walking on a treadmill is a very convenient and low impact way to exercise.