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If your eyes are uncomfortable, dry, or especially watery, you may have dry eye syndrome. Millions of Americans have dry eye syndrome and don’t even know it or choose to just live with the discomfort. But if you could simply take a supplement to make your eyes comfortable again, wouldn’t you try it? MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula is specially formulated to give your body the nutrients it needs to improve tear quality, tear production, and inflammation all at once — and they’re specially coated to prevent the unpleasant “fishy” taste that other fish oil supplements do not address! • Omega-3 fatty acids — EPA, DHA, and ALA — can improve tear film and natural oil quality • Eye health vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin D help keep your eye functioning properly • Anti-inflammatories like omega-6s and turmeric can reduce unpleasant side effects • Mucin complex helps stabilize the tear film and keep your eye hydrated longer