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Omega-3 Formula

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Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in study after study to benefit the eyes by strengthening structures in the eye, safeguarding against age-related eye diseases, and helping treat conditions like dry eye and glaucoma. But not all Omega-3s are created equal — so which should you choose? MaxiVision’s Omega-3 Formula provides significant amounts of the optimal types of Omega-3s for the eyes to ensure the most effective support. And their enteric coated soft gels help prevent the fishy smell, taste, and burps that accompany the majority of fish oil supplements! • Molecularly distilled Omega-3s have been shown to be superior in several ways to the unpurified or synthetic “ester” omega-3s used in most fish oil supplements • High doses of EPA and DHA omega-3s for optimal effects • Vitamin E helps fight damaging free radicals that age the eye Omega-3s can be invaluable to eye health, but even with a fish-heavy diet, it’s difficult to get enough from food to benefit your eyes. MaxiVision’s Omega-3 Formula helps you get doses that make a difference of the most effective forms of these beneficial Omega-3s, all without the typical unpleasant fish taste that many other fish oil supplements expect you to put up with. Protect your eyes, and your taste buds, with a fish oil supplement that’s designed to be easy to take. Begin MaxiVision’s Omega-3 Formula today for eye and tear support!

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